Our lab studies networks in the human brain. We seek to identify the organizational, dynamical, and computational properties of large-scale brain networks and to determine how these properties contribute to human behavior in health and disease. The lab is directed by Eran Dayan, Ph.D.         NEW POSTDOC POSITIONS (INFO)




Our Research

The lab studies network connectivity in the healthy brain and in neurodegenerative diseases. We strive to advance our basic understanding of brain structure and function, while making discoveries that can be translated to clinical practice. Find out more here.


Our Approach

We use a range of computational and numerical approaches to analyze and model structural and functional brain imaging data, including model-based approaches, machine learning and network science. We work with data collected in-house, as well as with large, pre-existing datasets.


Our Location

The lab is affiliated with the Department of Radiology and the Biomedical Research Imaging Center  at UNC-Chapel Hill. Our offices are located in the Bioinformatics Building, across the street from the BRIC, on UNC’s Medical Campus.